Corporate Health and Wellbeing Feel Better , Work Better, Work Smarter

When you invest in corporate wellbeing, you are investing in the future of your business. Keeping your employees fit, happy and healthy is crucial in today’s corporate environment. Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset.

Researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK found that people who are happy at work are about 12% more productive.

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75% of workers are tired during the day. A lunch time wellbeing session can help employees to re-charge, de-stress, boost energy levels, enhance creativity and productivity.

Why Well-being in the Workplace ?

In short to help employees let go of stress, feel better, boost their confidence, creativity and morale.  This in turn can aid in creating a happy healthier and more productive workforce.

The results of CBI/Pfizer’s recent Absence and Workplace Health Survey, found that absenteeism is costing the UK economy a staggering £14 billion a year. Further research released from business advisers PwC shows sick days alone are costing British business almost £29bn a year because workers are taking more than four times as many days off work as their counterparts in across the globe.

Absence is a key issue that businesses often require help with, that actually costs real money and creates a lot of pressure on other members of the workforce within an organisation, causing yet more stress and the problem then escalates. This then affects both productivity, employee engagement, employee happiness and morale.

One factor that contributes to employee retention is happiness. By implementing something as simple as a regular laughter yoga programme you can make a huge difference. A Lunchtime Laughter Workshop is a simple yet effective addition to any workplace health and well-being programme and a perfect way to break up a long day giving employees a quick energy boost.  So here we have it, prevention and effective well-being programmes are key for employee retention and to improve levels of absenteeism.

We can arrange all your wellbeing services from a half hour, to a full day of stressbusting goodness.  We can even offer you our away days service in a peaceful and tranquil location away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Just for a day or perhaps two!, the choice is yours.